About TetherLet's make a comic book.






Let's make a comcic book...that's when I knew my life was over.

We have a great group of friends. We are all nerds. Mega nerds. Why not get everybody together and make a super awesome comic book that we would love to read? Tether is born.

Sci-fi movies, video games, comic books, guns, lazers and zombies have been such a huge part of what makes us tick. So when the trigger was pulled on Tether we knew that to truly create a good story we had to make something that we would want to pick up off the shelf. Not only did we want to be proud of the story and the artwork but we wanted to have fun and get excited about the whole process. So we gathered all of the people closest to us, spent months designing costumes and made them characters in an epic adventure filled comic book. You have no idea how fun it is to kill your friends in a comic book.

Tether is a Sci-Fi adventure comic about a mysterious traveler named Lona. The story has arcs that bounce from present day to a time deep in the universes past. As the story progresses we learn that Lona is important and possibly very very old. Sprinkle in some humor and some good ol' fashioned gun fights and that's a story I can curl up on the couch with.

The Process Of Making Tether:

1. Create an amazing story. Something mind blowing. A story you yourself would fall in love with.
2. Have friends.
3. Get those friends together and make costumes.
4. Now paint them into a comic book. OMG it really looks like them lol!
5. Try to get some sleep...
6. ...don't sleep.

The Tether Comic crew is not out to make millions of dollars. We are not out to get signed to a major printing label. We are not out to make enemies. All we want is to create something we are very passionate about. Something to get excited over. A reason to go to cons and have fun, whole lots of fun. The amount of time to create a comic book is staggering, especially for a group that is learning as we go. With each issue released we learn and our techniques improve. We jumped into this feet first not really knowing how to go, but the story is strong and we have received overwhelming support. Mainly from our Moms...thanks Mom.

We hope you enjoy reading Tether as much as we have enjoyed creating its world.




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